Welcome to Skype Access

Connect to WiFi hotspots the easy way.

When you're on your travels, connecting to WiFi hotspots can be, well, a right pain. Fiddling with your credit card, inserting numbers, etc. Skype Access removes that hassle - simply pay-per-minute for the time you need, and pay with your Skype Credit.

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Easy to connect.

Pay for what you use.

Available at over 100,000 WiFi hotspots worldwide.

How Skype Access works

When you're on the move and need to check your email or get access to the web, Skype Access is the easy and great value way to connect.

Simply select an available public access WiFi network (the stronger the signal the better). Skype will automatically pop-up a message if you can connect to this network using your Skype Credit balance. If you don't see a pop-up message in 20 seconds after connecting to accesspoint, try another network.

Once you're connected, you only pay per minute for what you use - no more paying for an hour's access if you're only online for 20 minutes.

You'll need our latest version of Skype to use Skype Access.